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Async is the future! Are large scale solutions like Gamesparks or PlayFab too big for your indie project? You do not want to rely on 3rd party services like Apple Gamecenter? You want a lightweight, simple and easy-to-install solution that ships with a complete feature set (like Registration, Login, Leaderboards, Chats, Achievements and many more) out of the box? Then LoomSuite is exactly what you have been searching for!

LOOM SUITE by wovencode.net
LoomSuite is a client and server framework based on Unity3d (LoomClient) as well as PHP/mySQL (LoomServer). LoomSuite allows you to add common online features to any kind of offline game project written using the Unity3d engine and is also compatible to most online game projects with a few adjustment. LoomSuite allows a game designer to add typical online features like account management, chat, leaderboards etc. to your game. Enrich your game with the most wanted asynchronous features found in nowadays mobile and social games using LoomClient and LoomServer!

The back-end runs on a conventional web-server with PHP and mySQL installed. A root server or compiled server EXE is not required. The network communication is based on WebRequests as it is not realtime. The client-server communication is encrypted using a secure encryption standard.

The front-end of the project follows the “dumb client” or “dumb terminal” principle. This means the client is merely a input console. All sensitive data is validated and processed by the server. You can use a regular Unity project and add LoomClient to it via plug-n-play. Please note that its easier to integrate the asset into a offline project or fresh project than a existing online/multiplayer project.

* Core * Accounts * Data * Profiles * Virtual Currencies* Ban/Penalty Module * Self Cleaning Server * Secure Encryption * PayPal Shop * Leaderboards * Friendlist * Achievements * Matchmaking * Guild * Chat * Timers * Rewards * Auction House * Mail * Ingame Shop * Game Rooms * Tournaments * Admin Panel * Virtual Goods * Challenges *

Loom Suite is scheduled for release in April 2019